CXB multimedia: Shelter strengthening and cyclone / monsoon preparedness

  • By BBC Media Action
  • 28/04/2019

[Updated 28 April 2019 with new discussion guide to aid listening groups]

To coincide with the distribution of shelter tie-down kits, BBC Media Action has developed a series of multimedia products to assist in communicating the importance of shelter strengthening and more general extreme weather preparedness in advance of the monsoon. The materials also provide detailed practical guidance about key shelter strengthening techniques.

Materials are primarily designed for use in information hubs or within community spaces and listening groups, to spark discussion; but could also be used by agency field staff, volunteers and others working directly with communities. For those community members with mobile phones, the content could be shared directly with them for future reference, using Bluetooth, SD card or other transfer methods.

Materials specifically about shelter strengthening:

  • Animated infographic #1 - Rohingya language - 4'20" - Animation covering key shelter strengthening techniques.
  • Audio package #1 - Rohingya language - 4'50" - Conversation with Rohingya communities and local experts, talking about the importance of shelter strengthening and details of how to access materials and training.
  • Print infographic / flashcard - shelter strengthening - Set of seven flashcards detailing key shelter strengthening and preparedness techniques, with guidance notes (in Bangla) for facilitators. Also suitable for poster-size printing.
  • Simple audio message - Rohingya language - 4'00" - Sets out three simple steps that families can take to prepare their shelter for monsoon season (tying down; tightening connections / joints; and ensuring good drainage). Designed for use with loudspeakers.

Materials about more general preparedness for storms, cyclones and monsoon weather:

  • Animated infographic #2 - Rohingya language - 4'00" - Animation covering household level and community level preparedness activities (beyond shelter strengthening)
  • Audio package #2 - Rohingya language - 6'40" - Conversations with Rohingya communities and local experts, talking about how households and communities can prepare for storms and bad weather. English guide transcript also available.
  • Print infographic / flashcard - cyclone preparedness - Set of nine flashcards with key cyclone preparedness actions at family and community level. Guidance notes (in Bangla) for facilitators; and also suitable for poster-size printing.

See also the cyclone signals page for materials that help explain the cyclone early warnings that will be used in the camps.

Materials for listening groups

These materials have been endorsed by the shelter sector and are part of an ongoing series of multimedia outputs being produced by BBC Media Action to enhance the range and quality of tools available to information hubs, listener groups and other community-facing information services within the Rohingya emergency response. The work is being delivered in partnership with Action Against Hunger and IOM; and is funded by Global Affairs Canada and the UK Department for International Development.

The radio listener group programmes are based on materials produced by Bangladesh Betar and are supported by UNICEF.

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