CXB Multimedia - International Women's Day

  • By BBC Media Action
  • 07/03/2020

On this page you can find links to a range of communication tools that might be useful to link with International Women's Day. All of the materials are in Rohingya language.

BBC Media Action has created a special audio package for IWD 2020 - highlighting the importance of joint decision making and communication between husbands and wives.

The following content is also relevant for International Women's Day:

Aa’rar Bahadur (Our Heroes)

  • Sabekun's story (a tailor teaches other women how taking up needle work and makes them empowered)
  • Kala Banu's story (a woman who is tackling the important issue of keeping her neighbourhood clean by cleaning up waste)
  • Senowara's story (a woman who teaches others to embroider pillows, hats and other items that supports them to earn some money)
  • Dhalu's story (a woman who makes mats and other items by recycling plastic waste)
  • Shafika's story (a woman who teaches others how to use embroidery skills to earn money)

Aa’rar Kissa

The audio drama follows three families as they grapple with day-to-day life in the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, dealing with love, crime and injustice while tackling some of the deep-rooted drivers of gender-based violence and child marriage within the community. Click here for full details.

Aa’rar Foygam (Podcast program from listening groups) 

Gender-Based Violence

  • Audio Factual - GBV_safety tips and reporting abuse_Audio_Rohingya - 4’09”
  • Video Factual - Information on Childmarriage_Video Factual_Rohingya - 8’55”
  • Flash card (with Bangla guidance for field staff) - GBV Safety Advice


  • Animation Video- This video highlights trafficking risks and precautions through two fictional stories.

Women friendly spaces

  • Animation Video - Women Friendly Space_General Information_Animation_Rohingya - 2’43”


  • Factual video – case study of a woman who has successfully developed a small garden near her house; and key information from camp authorities about how tools, seeds and other materials can be obtained, for those wanting to start their own gardens – 6’10”
  • Factual audio - visiting two gardens created by women in camp, as well as a CiC, we learn about the benefits of growing vegetables in camp as well as where to get seeds, advice and equipment for free – 8’10”

Maternal Health

  • Factual Video - Ante-natal Checkups_Advice on misconceptions – 10’15”
  • Animation - key advice about healthy behaviours and practices for pregnant women and their families – 2’10”
  • Animation – Advice on health in pregnancy for young mother – 2’50”
  • Audio drama - featuring a Rohingya family, with key information about maternal danger signs, including when and where to seek treatment – 7’50”
  • Audio drama - modeling a Rohingya family whose husband supports his wife to attend an ante-natal check-up – 5’40”
  • Animation - Nutrition for pregnant and new mothers; and young children – 1’45”
  • Audio (open ended story) - Features the story of a young mother and advice from a doctor about key aspects of newborn care – 5’30”
  • Animation - the importance of early and exclusive breastfeeding – 2’37”
  • Flashcards (with Bangla guidance for field staff) - Pregnancy danger sign and ante-natal care
  • Flashcards (with Bangla guidance for field staff) - ANC Check up
  • Flashcards (with Bangla guidance for field staff) - Techniques and advice on Breastfeeding

BBC Media Action acknowledges the wide range of donors who supported the production of the materials above from 2017 onwards.

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