CXB: Bipodor Fuaijja Jahanara (Jahanara Helps Her Friends) provides information on rights-based issues through an animated drama

  • By BBC Media Action
  • 16/03/2022

[Updated 16 March 2022 with new episodes]

Rohingya refugees living in Cox’s Bazar require information about their options for the future and other key rights-related issues, as well as a basic understanding of the humanitarian process, how the camp operates and their entitlements. BBC Media Action is producing a new animated drama, "Bipodor Fuaijja Jahanara" (Jahanara Helps Her Friends.) which supports a basic understanding of rights and how to support their knowledge of these issues. The lead character of this animated drama is Jahanara, a 36-year-old woman who is smart, independent, and self-empowered. She helps her community with her knowledge of their own rights and entitlements.

Each video is between 4 and 6 minutes long and can be played in places where people gather, such as information hubs, women-friendly spaces, as well as community sessions and screenings.

The videos are available in both high and low-resolution. High-resolution videos are more suitable for viewing on large screens such as projectors and televisions. Low-resolution videos are more suitable for mobile viewing.

  • Complaint and feedback mechanism (High resolution/Low resolution) – Shafiqa, a woman, is struggling to fetch water from another block because the tube-well near her house has been broken for a long time. Jahanara, being concerned about Shafiqa’s struggle, supports Shafiqa to raise her concerns and eventually the tube well gets fixed.
  • Marriage registration (High resolution/Low resolution) – A couple are getting married, and the parents have agreed to this, but they are not aware of the importance of registering the marriage first. Jahanara informs the couple, the parents and others about its importance and the process for registering marriages.
  • Divorce registration (High resolution/Low resolution) – Juhura is a woman who has recently separated from her husband. She left her belongings with her husband, including her ration card. Her three-year-old child has also been left behind. Now she can’t access food and other benefits. Jahanara listens to her problem and suggests how she might get legal support from the system.
  • Prison visit - Supporting Rohingya people under Bangladeshi law (High resolution/Low resolution) – Jannat Ara’s brother is in prison and both she and her grandmother want to visit him but don’t know how. They ask a local influential person, but it will cost a lot of money. Jahanara tells them about legal options that support prison visits.
  • Dowry (High resolution/Low resolution) – An elderly woman struggles to manage dowry for her granddaughter's marriage and seeks advice from a wise go-to person, Jahanara. The local Imam intervenes in the process and explains to everyone that dowry is prohibited religiously, socially and legally.
  • Intimate partner violance (IPV) (High resolution/Low resolution) – A young woman gets upset after her husband physically abuses her. The local imam steps into the process and explains to the community that violence against women is not okay, neither from a religious nor social perspective; instead, it is a crime.
  • Decision Making (High resolution/Low resolution) – After talking to the groom's father, a matchmaker goes to the bride's house to fix the wedding date. But wise Jahanara explains that it is equally essential to take the opinion and consent of the bride, as well as the groom and the family, in the decision-making process.
  • Dispute Resolution (High resolution/Low resolution) – A middle-aged man struggles to get back his dues from cunning Habibullah. Everyone's go-to person Jahanara intervenes in the process and explains the legal support system available in the camps.
  • Legal Literacy (High resolution/Low resolution) – A couple was in dire crisis when their teenage girl went missing and was believed to be trafficked. A wise community leader Jahanara helps the parents to seek support from police and legal assistance to get back their daughter.
  • [NEW] Drowning (High resolution/Low resolution/with English subtitles) – In this episode, a child chasing a duckling nearly falls into a pond to demonstrate the importance of vigilance.
  • [NEW] Flood (High resolution/Low resolution/with English subtitles) – In this animated drama a man prioritises his meal even as there is an up-coming flood highlighting the importance of taking prompt action when floods are eminent.

Bipodor Fuaijja Jahanara (Jahanara Helps Her Friends.) is produced by BBC Media Action with funding from Porticus, and developed with technical support from UNHCR. The episode on flood and drowning was produced as part of CwC ‘Common Service’ activities in partnership with the ACF with funding from the ECHO.

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