CXB multimedia: Babies and infants

  • By BBC Media Action
  • 07/04/2021

[Updated 7 April 2021 with new factual videos about the importance of postnatal checkups]

BBC Media Action has developed a series of multimedia products to assist in communicating about health issues for new-born babies and very young children. The materials cover self-care advice as well as information about when health services should be accessed, and how.

Materials are primarily designed for use in information hubs or within community spaces and listening groups, but could also be used by agency field staff, volunteers and others working directly with communities. For those community members with mobile phones, the content could be shared directly with them for future reference, using Bluetooth, SD card or other transfer methods.

Preview and download the different content here.

  • [NEW] [7 April 2021] Factual Video(PNC) - Rohingya language with Chittagonian speaking midwife – 3’34” – Highlights the importance of post-natal care, what happens during a post-natal checkup, how often you need to come for a checkup as well as what other services are available for post-natal care.
  • Factual video - Rohingya language with Chittagonian-speaking doctor - 4'50" - Highlights misconceptions about post-natal care for young infants and gives advice on early and exclusive breastfeeding, delayed bathing and other key practices to ensure health of neonates.
  • Animated video - Rohingya language - 1'30" - Introduces the seven danger signs for newborn babies, with advice about when and how to seek medical help.
  • Audio drama - Rohingya language - 4'30" - Drama package featuring a Rohingya family, with key information about essential new born care and the most critical neo-natal danger signs. English transcript also available.
  • Audio package - Rohingya language - 5'30" - Features the story of a young mother and advice from a doctor about key aspects of newborn care.
  • Audio messages for use with hand mics / loudspeakers - Rohingya language messages covering health risks and precautions related to pregnant women and infants during the winter season.
  • Flashcards on post-natal care for use in face-to-face discussion sessions.
  • Animated video on the importance of early and exclusive breastfeeding
  • Flashcards on breastfeeding, focusing on the correct technique and how women can overcome common problems they might face while breastfeeding.

You may also be interested in these instructional videos, which have been dubbed into Rohingya language, covering position, attachment, milk supply and nipple pain.

Materials produced and published from 2021 are produced by BBC Media Action in partnership with the International Rescue Committee with funding provided by the United States Government.

The other content is produced with funding from a range of donors including UNICEF, Global Affairs Canada in partnership with Action Against Hunger as well as IOM in partnership with the UK Department for International Development.

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