CXB multimedia: Nutrition

  • By BBC Media Action
  • 10/04/2019

[Updated 10 April with a new instructional video on the preparation of supplementary food for young children]

BBC Media Action has developed a series of multimedia products to assist in communicating about various aspects of nutrition for children; and pregnant and lactating women.

Materials are primarily designed for use in information hubs or within community spaces and listening groups, to spark discussion; but could also be used by agency field staff, volunteers and others working directly with communities. For those community members with mobile phones, the content could be shared directly with them for future reference, using Bluetooth, SD card or other transfer methods.

Preview and download the different content here.

General nutrition guidance:

  • Animated infographic - Rohingya language - 1'45" - Animation covering nutrition for pregnant and new mothers; and young children.
  • Audio drama - Rohingya language - 2'10" - Mini drama focusing on how to achieve good nutrition without the need to buy expensive food.
  • Print infographic / flashcard - Set of nine flashcards on general maternal and child nutrition topics.
  • Audio package - Rohingya language - 5'15" - Features the story of a young family who are worried about their child; and advice from a nutrition specialist talking about the symptoms of malnutrition in children and how to overcome the problem.
  • Animation - Rohingya language - 2'00" - How families can identify the symptoms of malnutrition and where they can go to get support if they see these symptoms.

Preparing supplementary food for young children:

  • Video - Rohingya language - 1'15" - Instructional video showing how to prepare super-cereal / Suji.
  • Audio package - Rohingya language - 3'30" - Factual audio package including conversations with Rohingya women and health workers about why and how to use super-cereal / Suji.
  • Print infographic / flashcard - Set of nine flashcards explaining how to use super-cereal / SujiAlso suitable for poster-size printing.
  • [NEW] Video - Rohingya language - 3'30" - Instructional video showing how to prepare nutritious porridge / khichuri using ingredients at home

Materials about small-scale vegetable cultivation are also available on this page.

You may also be interested in the radio listener group programmes that have been produced about nutrition. The entire set of programmes (on a range of different topics) are available here - issues relating to nutrition are particularly covered in programme 7 / programme 15 / programme 27 / programme 43.

These materials are part of an ongoing series of multimedia outputs being produced by BBC Media Action to enhance the range and quality of tools available to information hubs, listener groups and other community-facing information services within the Rohingya emergency response. The work is being delivered in partnership with Action Against Hunger and IOM; and is funded by Global Affairs Canada, the UK Department for International Development and the US government's bureau of population, refugees and migration.

The radio listener group programmes are based on materials produced by Banglades Betar and are supported by UNICEF.

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